Control Systems

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Control Systems

If there’s a time when you really need to feel in control it’s when you’re up in front of an audience. Whether you’re presenting an event, delivering a speech, or advising colleagues on this year’s sales performance, you don’t want to be waving at people to get lights turned off and on, or to adjust the volume in the room.

Lewcon AV supply integrated systems which can control audio, video, computer and environmental systems, allowing the people ‘in the spotlight’ to manage the air-conditioning, control lights and blinds, and take complete command of presentation equipment such as projectors and video servers. The systems allow presenters to automate and streamline all the technical aspects of their meetings and presentations, freeing them to focus on their content and delivery.

Lewcon’s expertly-designed systems are intuitive and user-friendly, giving touch-panel control of all the equipment and devices linked into the system. Over the last 15 years our engineers have installed control systems for many businesses in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London areas, including spaces such as:

  • Conference Halls/Rooms
  • Presentation Theatres
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Schools and Universities
  • Training Facilities
  • Medical Centres

Lewcon take the best solutions from class-leading suppliers like AMX, Crestron and Extron to create a range of control systems, from entry-level applications to sophisticated systems which enable control over all functions of the attached equipment, all from a single control panel.

Create integrated AV systems which are powerful, simple to use, and deliver professional results – let Lewcon AV help you make the right choices when it comes to controlling your audio visual equipment.