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Screens & Displays

As flat-screen TVs and displays have become more affordable, their usage in business, academic and retail premises has increased dramatically, either as standalone units, as part of wider AV systems, or even as part of huge multi-screen arrays and video walls. Displays can bring dynamic data and engaging content to diverse environments, from the boardroom to the factory floor, reception area or shopping mall.

Lewcon have installed every kind of screen imaginable, from small desktop LCD screens to huge wall-mounted LED displays, including HD screens, 3D screens and multi-touch interactive displays.

We know which display technology will work best for each situation, taking into account important factors like viewing angles, energy efficiency, light levels, environment, equipment lifespan, and of course your budget. Whilst LED displays are the most versatile they’re not the solution in every case; LCD, plasma or projection displays may be more suitable, and we will advise you accordingly.


We also invite you to consider the new 4K super-HD screens which, despite having little content worth watching (yet!), have to be seen to be believed. These could be the displays everyone will have, or at least be looking to upgrade to, in 5 years.

We have extensive experience in providing displays and AV systems for:

  • Office meeting, presentation and lecture rooms
  • Training and conference centres
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Retail spaces
  • Control rooms
  • Trading floors
  • Hospitals, medical centres and surgeries

Lewcon AV’s design team can provide a solution for any application and budget, from simple meeting room screens to the most complex and demanding systems.