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Video-Conferencing & Telepresence

The ability for people in multiple locations to collaborate in real time, with minimal downtime or inconvenience, is mission-critical for many organisations. Project meetings, sales meetings, product development meetings – they’re all more valuable when all the right people are involved, whether they’re in Hertford, Hertfordshire or Hertford, North Carolina.


It’s not just for business meetings either. With video-conferencing, medical specialists can meet with patients, teachers can deliver lessons to students, and local or national government agencies can meet quickly together to manage emergencies, without anyone having to be in the same room. If you visit the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, California you’ll find their concierge Anna is based at home 80 miles away but provides a fantastic service to the hotel’s guests via a video-conferencing system in the lobby.

Video-conferencing solutions from Lewcon AV range from desktop systems linking individual team members via the Internet, to dedicated video-conferencing suites with advanced networks, multiple screens, and HD video and sound.


Telepresence is the ultimate in video-conferencing. You and your colleagues are in one meeting room whilst the remote participants are in another part of the world, yet you both appear to each other to be across the same table – you see them in life-size HD video and hear them in clear HD audio. Even the meeting room furniture can be designed to create a totally immersive experience. Telepresence is truly the closest thing to a face-to-face meeting, and an investment in telepresence system can be very cost-effective for larger businesses.

[blockquote]Built around industry-leading hardware and software, our video-conferencing and telepresence systems are backed by our proven support and maintenance service.[/blockquote]

From choosing the right equipment, to installing, maintaining and upgrading your equipment in the future, we will work with you to manage your systems and provide the highest level of video-conferencing quality.